The first shipment of Agritrans bananas sets sail for Europe

Launched in October 2014, the Agritrans SA project aims to put Haiti on the map of banana exporting countries after 60 years of disappearance. On September 8th, the boat from Germany finally dropped its anchor in the harbor of Cap-Haitien to collect the first containers of organic bananas en route to Europe.

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Mike Port, president of Port International, the German company that has focused on acquiring Agritrans bananas and also the first company to introduce the organic bananas in Europe, said he was proud to offer the Haitian bananas to the European marke. A market, he said, that is growing at over 20% per annum. The company has nearly 140 years experience in the import-export and supply of fruits and fresh vegetables from Europe and abroad. It began importing bananas in 1912. Port International has strict quality control. Indeed, inspectors of the company were very visible. Forwarded to the fitness center with the cable network system, bunches of bananas are first cut into banana, hands washed in two large tanks before being put into cardboard boxes and subsequently loaded into containers. About 8,000 bunches of bananas were exported to Germany, according to figures given by officials of Agritrans. Following the principle of free zone in the country, 70% of this production is exported and 30% is in the local market. Pierre-Richard Joseph, Agritrans new CEO since the resignation of Jovenel Moise, six months ago at the head of the company, said it has three years to meet the quota and that, therefore, 4000 tiles of land will be put into operation over three years. For now, just over 10% of this area is cultivated or 450 tiles. Moise who now acts as advisor to this project that took to arms length since 2002, expressed his great satisfaction to see that this dream is now a reality "Our bananas are now on their way to Europe," he said. President Michel Martelly, who came from Port-au-Prince by helicopter, accompanied by, among others, Prime Minister Evans Paul, told the journalists that other investors are interested in replicating the Agritans model. A winning model, he said, every time. The 6 million advanced by the Industrial Development Fund (IDF), in the form of participating loans, will bring 93 million euros a year through the contract between Agritrans and Port International. And, following the procedure of this project, a partnership with the Federation of Agricultural farmers in Pisance (FEPAP) which is a group of eight associations of farmers of more than 7,000 members, are all working in the project, 20% of Agritrans net profit will go back to the federation. Article by Patrick Saint-Pre Translated from Le Nouvelliste by Kristine Belizaire

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