France pledges to help in the reforestation of Haiti

On September 28th, the Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lener Renauld signed a declaration of intent for the execution of a reforestation project in Haiti with the French Minister of Ecology, Segolene Royal.

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The agreement was signed in the presence of the French head of state, Francois Hollande, and his foreign minister, Laurent Fabius. The French and Haitian officials took advantage of the 70th UN General Assembly to sign this declaration of intent for the execution of a reforestation project in Haiti. The Haitian Environment Minister Dominique Pierre and others, including US actor Sean Pen, also attended the ceremony held at the French mission to the UN in New York "Haiti is on the road of natural disasters with hurricanes in 2008 and the earthquake in 2010. These natural disasters also accelerate erosion and deforestation of Haiti," said Minister Royal. She said the signing of this declaration marks the start of an extraordinary action. J / P HRO, the organization of American actor Sean Penn is involved in this project takes root called Haiti. The organization based in Haiti since after the earthquake will ensure coordination and fundraising from philanthropic organizations or sponsors, according to Minister Royal. Sean Penn and his collaborator Sean Parker also initialed the agreerment. According to Minister Royal, the "Haiti is rooted" project will bring together all public and private initiatives, through the network established by J/P HRO. The project, now launched, also aims to restore soils and plant and forest coverage of Haiti. It also intends to train local communities to get involved in environmental protection. "I want to thank the French Republic and Sean Penn still thought to have once in Haiti," said Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs, speaking before initialling the document. "For the planet, rest assured, there is no plan B, there is a plan A. In other words, we must give the maximum extent so that we preserve the gains we have through reforestation . And do everything there is to do for our children to live well on this planet.” Next December, France will host the COP 21 Conference on Climate 2015. After more than 20 years of negotiations in the UN, the Paris conference will consider getting, "a legally binding global climate agreement, aimed to keep global warming below 2 ° C ". France, which will host the conference, has been campaigning for the protection of the environment. "France brings expertise and experience through specialized bodies, the National Forestry Office, the French Development Agency", said Minister Royal. The signing of this declaration is the culmination of a series of meetings between the French authorities and Penn "This initiative marks a major turning point in the fight against deforestation in Haiti and is part of the 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 2015 (COP21 / CMP11) , also known as Paris 2015, " according to a statement released Tuesday night by the Ministry of Communication. Article by Louis-Joseph Olivier Translated from Le Nouvelliste By Kristine Belizaire

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