Suzy Castor honored by Mexico

The Haitian historian and human rights activist, Dr Suzy Castor, was honored September 11, 2015 by the Mexican Embassy in Haiti, through the Ohtli award, for her work over four decades for the reconciliation of two peoples and two communities. Suzy Castor "has helped bring Mexico to the Caribbean in particular Haiti," wrote the Mexican Embassy in Haiti on its Facebook account.

Publié le 2015-09-24 | Le Nouvelliste

"It is with pleasure that the Embassy has the honor (...) to award the Ohtli of 2015 to Dr. Suzy Castor," says the embassy, saying recognize and appreciate the value of her activities for the well-being of Mexicans in Mexico and Haiti. The word Ohtli means "path", which is a Nahuatl macrolangue (group Allied languages) of the Uto-Aztecan family, whose different varieties are spoken in several countries in North America and Central America, mainly in some States of central and southern Mexico by 1.5 million people. This award, established by the Institute of Mexicans Abroad, awarded each year to the trajectory precisely Mexicans, Latinos or their descendants born abroad who have worked for many years for the benefit of the development of communities of origin Mexican in other countries. It is with emotion that the director of the Research and Economic and Social Development Training Center (CRESFED) received the Ohtli award in recognition of her work for the progress and the Mexican and Latino community, said the institution's account Facebook. The CRESFED is an organization that provides support to various human rights defense groups in Haiti. "This openness to Latin America in Mexico has allowed us Haitian professionals in Mexico to better understand Haiti and become even more Haitians," we read on the CRESFED page, founded by Castor and her husband Pierre -Charles, returned from exile in 1986 to the fall of Jean-Claude Duvalier (Baby Doc). The fierce advocate for rights of the people in Haiti and Latin America was in 2005 in Madrid, Spain, the fourth recipient "Juan Maria Bandres Prize for the Defense of the Right of Asylum and Solidarity with Refugees "recognizing her work in defense of refugees and immigrants, democracy and women's rights. She is one of Haiti's personalities to have done much research on the Haitian-Dominican issues, including the massacre of compatriots in 1937. Former student in social sciences at the Ecole Normale Superieure (Haiti) in 1958, Suzy Castor earned a PhD in history at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Between 1968 and 1986, Suzy Castor was a professor in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters and Faculty of Political Science of the UNAM. Suzy Castor has to her credit six books, including the American occupation of Haiti, migration and international relations. She has conducted research on Haiti, the Caribbean and Latin America, and has published over 50 articles in scientific journals around the world. Article by Milo Milfort Translated from Le Nouvelliste by Rachele Viard

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