Venezuela will buy "Made in Haiti" technology

Venezuela's president promised to strengthen cooperation between Haiti and the Bolivarian Republic. Nicolas Maduro, who received the Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe on Sunday, March 9th, in Caracas, announced funding of several million dollars in the manufacturing of tablets in Haiti and expressed his willingness to buy them for Venezuelan students.

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In order to support the Haitian economy, the Venezuelan president promised to inject several million U.S. dollars in the technology sector to promote the production of tablets "Made in Haiti" and other electronic accessories manufactured in the country, according to a press release from the Prime Minister’s office. President Maduro intends to place a large order of tablets for Venezuelan students to create sustainable jobs for Haitian youth. Prime Minister Lamothe arrived in Caracas on Sunday morning at the head of a delegation which included Sean Penn, Goodwill Ambassador for Haiti. The delegation visited the tomb of the late President Hugo Chavez, who died in March of last year. Prime Minister Lamothe then met with Venezuelan Vice President on cooperation projects between the two countries, reported Gary Bodeau, Director of Communication. Prime Minister Lamothe then met with President Nicolas Maduro at the Mira Flores Palace in Caracas. It was also an opportunity for the Prime Minister and President Maduro to show their support and solidarity with the democratic Venezuelan government. On Monday, March 10th, on Radio Magik 9Bodeau said that President Maduro wants to strengthen the Petrocaribe program and also explore other avenues of cooperation with Haiti. He stressed areas such as fishing and building social housing projects in the country. The Venezuelan President and Prime Minister Lamothe agreed to diversify the areas of cooperation between the two countries, according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s office. "The President of the Bolivarian Republic is committed to supporting the national literacy campaign launched by the government team to reduce illiteracy and promote social inclusion in Haiti." "President Maduro said he was impressed by the progress made in Haiti in such a short time, while reaffirming and strengthening the sustainability of the Petrocaribe agreement,” the statement said. President Maduro also praised the leadership of President Michel Martelly. He took the opportunity to announce his upcoming visit to Haiti," added the statement."My government was able to launch a number of social projects which prove decisive in the substantial improvement of living conditions of the Haitian people." said Prime Minister Lamothe. President Maduro and Vice President Lamothe also discussed “the sustainability of the Petrocaribe agreement to intensify social projects for the Haitian people. They also discussed the strategy to be implemented in order to boost the economic Zone Petrocaribe.” Moreover, Prime Minister Lamothe traveled to Chili on Monday, March 10th to attend Michelle Bachelet’s swearing ceremony which took place in Santiago on Tuesday, March 11th. He will take the opportunity to meet outgoing Chilean President Sebastián Piñera, before meeting with the newly elected president, Michelle Bachelet. Article by Robenson Geffrard Translated from Le Nouveillste by Rachele Viard

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