Vilton Charles, the man behind KOPKOMFG

Vilton Charles is the president of KOPKOMFG, an organization involved in the production and marketing of Madame Francis mangoes. Under his leadership, the cooperative is flourishing and the number of members is increasing at a rapid pace.

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llA native of Gros Morne, a town famous for the production of Madame Francis mangoes, Charles gives his body and soul to the activities that advance this sector. It is in this light that he is engaged in the management of KOPKOMFG. His accomplishments at the head of this cooperative landed him among the finalists for Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year. This cooperative was created in an effort to strengthen the production and marketing of Madame Francis mangoes. "The cooperative was born in 2008 and at that time had 200 members. This year, it reached a record of 1,450 members," stated Charles. The organization of mango producers and the flow of product in the international market are the two major objectives for this cooperative. All is not rosy for this cooperative. Charles said that KOPKOMFG faces enormous difficulties related to the lack of competition in the local market. In addition, the lack of livestock trails and the inability to sell their product in a specific market abroad are other obstacles facing the producers of the cooperative. Husband and a father, Charles looks forward to his experience in the Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year competition. "The experience at Florida International University taught me a lot. It allowed me to familiarize myself with the other finalists. For me, this initiative by Digicel which allows entrepreneurs to participate in training sessions abroad will be very beneficial for the country," he added. In Charles' opinion, the current economic situation in the country has been difficult for entrepreneurs. The political situation weighs heavily on economic stability and investors become skeptical. "On this point, I have to make a confession. The finalists of Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year know how to survive in such a climate. Because with the training seminar organized by Digicel, we are better equipped to face the challenges in our businesses," exclaimed Mr. Charles. Article by Jeanty Gerard Junior Translated from Le Nouvelliste by Stefan Viard

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