"Lisa is revolutionizing lottery in Haiti"

Playing the lottery from mobile phones has become more and more popular. More than 15,000 individuals play on average per day, while trying to win the prize of one of four games implemented by Lisa via the Digicel phone company. However, Lisa wants to allow Digicel subscribers to play with more ease.

Publié le 2014-03-20 | Le Nouvelliste

Started two years ago, Lisa now provides players in Haiti with four different lottery games. "Boloto, Loto 3, Ti Boul, and Milyon20 are the four games that Digicel subscribers can enjoy," indicated Jeff Maximin, Customer Service and Drawing Supervisor, noting that each of them has its own characteristics. “Lottery Lisa,” said Maximin, “is very reliable because it is based on the New York lottery and is more advantageous than other traditional games. The latest game from Lottery Lisa was implemented in November 2013. "Milyon20 is a completely free game for Digicel customers and is operated by Lisa,” Maximin stated. “Whenever a customer recharges his account with 20 gourdes, Digicel gives him a free lottery ticket."Maximin indicated that beginning March 14th, if the jackpot has no winning ticket, a ticket would be given whenever a customer recharged their phone with 5 gourdes. Each month, Digicel’s prepaid subscribers receive 5,000 tickets to play Milyon20. "Tickets are still valid. We are currently seeking solutions to enable customers to play several tickets at the same time," said the Supervisor. "One proposal is to use the quick pick where our system that plays for the customer," he said. The jackpot for Milyon20 is a million gourdes. "Today, Lottery Lisa players are after 10 million gourdes, because the jackpot has been this amount for several weeks," he explained, adding that when a player wins the 10 million gourdes, the jackpot will be reset to a million gourdes. Nobody has hit the jackpot as of yet. "The drawing for the Milyon20 occurs every Friday and is based on the drawing in New York 12 20," stated Maximin, indicating that in order to win Milyon20, the player must play the 7 digits as aligned in Friday's draw. Customers must dial *720*7# to send in tickets. A communication cost of one gourde is removed from the customer's account by Digicel for each ticket played. "Besides the jackpot, there are 6 other opportunities to win in the Milyon20 game,” said Maximin. If a customer aligns the first 6 digits of the draw, he/she wins 20,000 gourdes, if they get the first 5, 2,000 gourdes is paid by Digicel’s Tchotcho. If the player gets the first 4 digits he/she wins 100 gourdes, 3 numbers 25 gourdes, and if they get the first two digits, the customer wins 5 gourdes. In December 2011, Lisa began Boloto. Since then12 customers have already won the jackpot, 2 million gourdes cumulatively. Based on drawings of the New York lottery, Boloto is the most popular game of the company. "To play, the client must create a LISA account on their phone and recharge, before choosing the numbers to play," said Maximin, noting that this game gives players 5 opportunities to win. "The second batch of Boloto is for 100,000 gourdes," he stated. Lisa has also been experimenting since April 2012, with a 3-digit lottery called Lotto 3 (*888*3 numbers*amount*# then send) whereby the player wins when the three digits are the first three that appear in the New York Lottery. "The winner then earns 500 times what he wagered," Maximin stated. “For the diligent gambler, the company initiated a lottery in December 2012, Ti Boul, a game whose circulation is generated by the system set up by Lisa. To play this game, you dial *882*2 numbers*amount # and send," the supervisor said, explaining that every 30 minutes, the system automatically prints two digits and sends a message to the players that placed a wager. Maximin indicated that Lisa revolutionized lottery in the country with the introduction of the four games played by Digicel subscribers. Per day, approximately 15,000 customers are trying their luck in one of the games. Article by Carlin Michel Translated from Le Nouvelliste by Stefan Viard

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