Jazz under the stars

On Sunday, January 19, 2014, jazz lovers gathered in the gardens of the newly rebuilt NH Haiti El Rancho Hotel for another installment of the 8th edition of Haiti Jazz Festival. The event was well received by the many guests who came to hear the sounds of musicians Daniel Schenker, from Switzerland, Lionel Loueke from Benin, and Réginald Policard from Haiti.

Publié le 2014-01-23 | Le Nouvelliste

Throughout the night, guests were privy to three different interpretations of jazz as they sat in the dimly-lit garden. The show opened with Swiss jazz musician Daniel Schenker and his acoustic quartet who wowed and serenaded the large crowd with their slow melodic tunes that soothed and serenaded the soul. Next to perform was Haiti’s own pianist Réginald Policard, who brought jazz to a whole new creative level. Known to take traditional tunes and modernize them, he revisited the musical themes jazz, fusing it with the sounds and rhythms of Kompa music. It was an enriching experience from start to finish, as he drew much applause from spectators. Policard is a gifted musician who composes jazz music that can be compared to jazz greats such as Deodato and Chick Corea. The night took a turn when renowned Benin native Louke, took the stage and revitalized the crowd with his lively renditions. His overwhelming presence could be felt all over the garden as he prepared to put on his show. Throughout his performance, guests bobbed their heads and moved their bodies to the unique and raw music. It was truly a harmonious and ethereal combination accented with his complex guitar techniques. All in all, the night was an overwhelming success. “This is my first year attending the jazz festival,” said one attendee, “I was delighted by the ambiance, and most of all by different and creative ways that each musician interpreted jazz. This will not be my last time attending the event and I look forward to seeing what else this year’s festival has to offer.” Another guest mentioned that the grounds of El Rancho were the perfect setting for such an intimate event. “As you entered the grounds, if the majestic entrance shared a secret and you knew that you were in for a surprise,” she added. So many events are taking place. So many places to go hear wonderful music by talented musicians. Peruse the agenda, select an event and get ready to be wooed. For a complete schedule of the International Jazz Festival of Port-au-Prince, including details about workshops and afterhours, visit papjazz.org.

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