Ten Journalists Wounded, One Loses Eye in Anti-Ariel Henry Mobilization

Several journalists have fallen victim during the protests held across the country this week against Ariel Henry's government. This has prompted the Haitian Journalists Association (AJH) to call for the protection of journalists before condemning these acts against them while they were in the field seeking information to report to the public.

Michelson Césaire
Par Michelson Césaire
09 Feb 2024 | Lecture : 3 min.

Jean Marc Jean, a journalist from an online media outlet, was hit in the face by a tear gas canister launched by a police officer and lost an eye during the anti-government demonstrations on February 8, 2024, in Port-au-Prince. In Jérémie, two journalists were shot and another was severely beaten by zealous supporters of the government. In several areas of the country, journalists have been victims of police brutality and other individuals.

The distress cries of Jean Marc Jean's mother, who lost her eye, are heart


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