"We cannot ask Prime Minister Ariel Henry to resign, we did not give him a mandate," says Fanmi Lavalas

Jodson Dirogène, spokesperson for the executive committee of Fanmi Lavalas, believes that Prime Minister Ariel Henry has not achieved satisfactory results in managing the country. However, he stated on Magik9 that he is not demanding his resignation, preferring to hold accountable those who put him at the helm of the country. On the other hand, the political leader asserted alignment with the Haitian people.

Germina Pierre Louis
Par Germina Pierre Louis
09 Feb 2024 | Lecture : 2 min.

Jodson Dirogène insisted that Fanmi Lavalas is not part of the government during his appearance on the show "Panel Magik". However, he maintained that they are not calling for the current head of government to resign. "We did not give him a mandate, so we cannot ask him to leave power."

"In the discussions we had with political actors, we asked them to clarify the mechanism for replacing the government before supporting its resignation. If we say we want to replace someone, it is necessary to sp


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