Living in lost territories during the rainy season

Several neighborhoods in the Haitian capital and surrounding areas are constantly submerged in water. In these areas, streets, corridors, and even some houses are filled with water. The flooding of certain neighborhoods in the metropolitan area, coupled with the government's neglect in canal maintenance, are among the causes of this situation. People living in these areas bear the heavy burden of residing in territories abandoned by the state.

Jose Flecher
Par Jose Flecher
14 Sep 2023 | Lecture : 3 min.

At the entrance to Cité L'Éternel, just a few meters away, the situation is dire. Water and debris carried by the Sainte-Bernadette canal inundate the road. Some houses are not spared. All of this is happening while the country has not experienced a major cyclone or storm this year. The blame lies with the government authorities who do nothing to clear the canals and armed gangs that sow terror in this community.

Reaching one's house becomes a real hopscotch game. For the past two years, living in neighborhood


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