The Country is Heading Towards a 5th Year of Negative Growth, Predicts Economist Enomy Germain

Based on the Conjunctural Indicator of Economic Activity (ICAE) published by the Haitian Institute of Statistics and Informatics for the first half of the economic year, economist Enomy Germain predicts that Haiti will experience a 5th year of negative growth. This prediction is further reinforced by the current government's lack of investment spending.

Germina Pierre Louis
Par Germina Pierre Louis
25 Jul 2023 | Lecture : 3 min.

"The information available through ICAE indicates that we are on track for a 5th year of negative growth in the Haitian economy. The indicator for the first quarter, which extends from October to December 2022, shows that the economy experienced a slowdown of -3.7%. For the second quarter, the observed slowdown is around less than 2%. For the first half, on average, the economy has slowed down by -2.9%. We can say that we have recorded negative growth in the first half of the year," stated economist Enomy Germain on Panel Magi


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