Gaelle Alexis: head of Creation and Interactivity for Le Nouvelliste

Publié le 2015-05-07 | Le Nouvelliste

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llAs of May 4th, Gaelle Alexis has taken over the position as head of Creation and Interactivity for Le Nouvelliste newspaper. This was announced on May 4th by the newspaper’s management team. "We are pleased to announce the arrival of Gaëlle who will have to meet major challenges in a changing sector and handle multiple projects," said Max Chauvet in a short statement. Alexis, former editor of Ticket Magazine, is a regular at the newspaper where she has spent her entire career. She will continue to write and handle extra journalistic activities. Her appointment follows the announcement on April 30th, the 117th anniversary of Le Nouvelliste, of a series of projects, including new sections. She is replacing Frantz Duval who was promoted to editor in March 2010. Since then, the position of head of Creation and Interactivity has been vacant. Article translated from Le Nouvelliste by Rachele Viard

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