Conille Government Officially Constituted

After approximately two weeks of negotiations, the members of the Presidential Transitional Council and Prime Minister Garry Conille agreed on the formation of a government consisting of 14 ministers, including four women. In a special issue of the newspaper Le Moniteur published on Tuesday, June 11, the cabinet was officially constituted.

Robenson Geffrard
Par Robenson Geffrard
11 Jun 2024 | Lecture : 3 min.

Garry Conille now has his government. The Prime Minister can begin to fulfill his promises and the roadmap for the transition detailed in the agreement signed on April 3 by the parties involved in the formation of the Presidential Transitional Council.

According to the decree published in Le Moniteur on Tuesday, June 11, Garry Conille, already appointed Prime Minister on May 29, is also named Minister of the Interior and Local Authorities. Carlos Hercule is appointed Minister of Justice and Public Security, while Dominique Dupuy is


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