Dr. Thomas Lalime: "Even the Government Suffers from Insecurity"

According to economist Thomas Lalime, there is no doubt that state revenues have decreased. "Even the state is a victim of the insecurity situation," he pointed out on the "Panel Magik" show on Wednesday, May 8, 2024. He cited the example of municipalities being unable to collect Built Property Tax Contribution (CFPB) funds in regions where bandits hold the houses of civilians hostage.

Germina Pierre Louis
Par Germina Pierre Louis
08 May 2024 | Lecture : 2 min.

As always, the country's economy is paying a heavy price for the soaring insecurity. Forecasts point to a sixth consecutive year of negative growth. "What we are witnessing is more serious than the first five years when the country experienced negative growth. The International Monetary Fund's forecasts support this, speaking of -3%. We have not yet seen this decline. However, if the situation continues to worsen, we can expect not only a sixth consecutive year of negative growth but also a greater decline this year if the situa


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