20 People, Allegedly Haitians, Found Dead in Brazil

An abandoned boat was found adrift along the northern coast of Brazil, near the city of Bragança in the state of Para, with 20 corpses. The bodies are in an advanced state of decomposition and show signs of dehydration and malnutrition. Alexandre Calvinho, the chief of the Federal Police in Bragança, cited by AFP, stated that they are believed to be Haitian refugees. However, no medico-legal verification has been conducted yet to confirm their nationality. Le Nouvelliste discussed the matter with the Haitian ambassador to Brazil, Rachel Coupaud.

Jean Daniel Sénat
Par Jean Daniel Sénat
15 Apr 2024 | Lecture : 2 min.

Le Nouvelliste: 20 bodies presumed to be Haitians were found on a boat on a river in northern Brazil. What information can you share regarding this?

Rachel Coupaud: At this time, the only information provided by Brazilian authorities confirms that several bodies were found on a boat north of Para, near Bragança. There is no further confirmation regarding the number of bodies, their condition, identity, or nationality.

LN: Have the bodies been identified yet?


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