Haiti Remains Without CARICOM Ambassador Since March 2022

While CARICOM has increasingly been in the political spotlight in Haiti in recent years, the country has not had an ambassador to this Caribbean organization since 2022. While for the Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean Victor Généus, having an ambassador to CARICOM is currently unnecessary, Peterson Noël and Beausoleil Sam, respectively Haiti's ambassadors to CARICOM in 2018 and 2022, argue otherwise...

Robenson Geffrard
Par Robenson Geffrard
16 Feb 2024 | Lecture : 3 min.

Between the CARICOM-Canada summit on Haiti in October in Ottawa and the dispatch of more than four missions to Haiti tasked with mediating the political crisis, 2023 was one of the years in which CARICOM heavily influenced the country's news. However, since 2022, Haiti has not had an ambassador to this regional organization. Asked by Le Nouvelliste about this situation, the Minister of Foreign Affairs told the newspaper that "only Suriname is represented in Georgetown at the ambassadorial level. Furthermore, the CARICOM budget does


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