APN Director Discusses the Former Les Cayes Port

The Les Cayes port, located on Quai Street, has been highly dysfunctional since the late 1980s, reduced to a weathered concrete structure with occasional use as a pier serving coastal communities in the South. Explanations regarding the closure of this public facility are not widely known. A meeting with the director-general of the APN provided the official version of the closure of this once-thriving commercial port.

Le Nouvelliste
Par Le Nouvelliste
25 Jan 2024 | Lecture : 3 min.

Why has the Les Cayes port, closed for over three decades, not resumed operations? This was one of the questions posed to Jocelyn Villier, the director-general of the National Port Authority (APN), during a recent meeting in the Northern metropolis. To address the question, he began by defining what a port is.

"A port is a designated space authorized by the state to accommodate ships for embarkation and disembarkation activities. It is also a shelter that must be protected from external elements that could disrupt the port are


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