Tafa Mi-Soleil, dazzling

She captivated and instantly seduced the audience. On the stage of the Studio Fest show at Radio Télévision Caraïbes, on Chavannes Street, artist Tafa Mi-Soleil delivered a great performance on Sunday, September 17, 2023, despite the difficult moments she has been going through. A victim of a scandal on Saturday, in which nude photos of her body were shared on social media, the singer of 'Padon' did not let herself be beaten down. Courageous, she offered a stellar performance on the Studio Fest stage at the Caraïbes Cultural Center. With an audience won over to her cause, Tafa showed herself ready to move forward.

Par Elien Pierre
Par Elien Pierre
19 September 2023 | Lecture : 3 min

Dressed entirely in yellow, barefoot, Tafa Mi-Soleil made her entrance on stage amid an ecstatic crowd. She entered through the main door, all smiles, and walked around the room to climb onto the stage amidst the warm applause of the audience. Joy overwhelmed her. Clearly overwhelmed by emotions and thrilled by the warm reception from the audience, who shouted and cheered as if welcoming a diva into a packed room, Tafa embarked on her performance. Many rose from their seats to take a photo and capture the moment. Everyone wanted their pictur


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