Professor Maismy-Mary Fleurant Affirms Haitian State's Legal Standing on Massacre River Issue

The construction of a canal on the Massacre River continues to spark heated discussions. Invited to the Panel Magik show on Wednesday, September 14, 2023, Maismy-Mary Fleurant, a specialist in international law, calmly analyzed the construction of this canal in light of international law and bilateral treaties between the Republic of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Ultimately, he offered potential solutions for resolving this dispute between the two states.

Jonasson Odigène
Par Jonasson Odigène
14 Sep 2023 | Lecture : 4 min.

Right from the start, Maismy-Mary Fleurant emphasizes that the Massacre River is an international watercourse and serves as the border between the Republic of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. From a legal standpoint, he points out that this shared water resource is subject to general principles of international law, particularly those of the 1997 Convention, even though neither of the two states has ratified it.

"The general principles of law are valid for all states in matters of international law, including those that have


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