Renowned Multidisciplinary Artist Maître Lionel Saint-Éloi Admitted to Hospital

To protect his life, Lionel Saint-Éloi fled his creative space in Carrefour-Feuilles, a neighborhood nestled in the southeast of Port-au-Prince, in the foothills of Morne L'Hôpital; since then, he has fallen ill. Zikiki, from the association of artist families in Carrefour-Feuilles, accompanied his father to the hospital this Tuesday morning for treatment.

Claude Bernard Sérant
Par Claude Bernard Sérant
05 Sep 2023 | Lecture : 3 min.

Lionel Saint-Éloi, this prominent figure in multidisciplinary art in Carrefour-Feuilles, became unwell from the day he left his home, his working studio, his world populated by his children and grandchildren, all artists living on Impasse Saint-Éloi, a public road – just a stone's throw from the Saïeh power production station – named after him. Duckens Saint-Eloi (Zikiki) from the Yizra'el group reported to the newspaper with a heavy heart that his father's feet are swollen. At the moment he provide


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