Subcontracting Factories Bear the Costs of Border Closure at Belladère

The president of the Association of Industries of Haiti, Wilhem Lemke, confirmed that the closure of the Belladère border is preventing subcontracting factories from sourcing raw materials. Speaking on Monday, August 28th, on the program "Panel Magik," he reported that these factories are exploring alternative means, but this closure will have implications for their capacity and speed of operations.

For approximately two weeks, the border at Belladère has been closed, and its impact is undeniable. "This closure has a negative impact; fundamentally, it's related to insecurity because if the Jimani/Malpasse border were open, the raw materials that enter Haiti daily could continue to be delivered. It's all linked to insecurity. The textile industry is severely affected; there are factories that have been closed for almost 10 days due to a lack of raw materials. The entire industry is suffering, and people are being forc


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