Fleeing from Bandits, Chased by Police: The Ordeal of Refugees Hoping for Safety at the American Embassy

People fleeing the armed attacks of the gang "Kraze Baryè" led by Vitelhomme Innocent, who sought refuge in front of the United States embassy in Tabarre, were dispersed by agents of the Haitian National Police on Tuesday, July 25, 2023. Law enforcement used tear gas to dislodge them in the early afternoon, leading to a tense and disgruntled situation among the displaced individuals.

Jonasson Odigène
Par Jonasson Odigène
25 Jul 2023 | Lecture : 3 min.

Dozens of people sought refuge in front of the premises of the US embassy in Tabarre. Most of these individuals were former residents of the localities of Dumornay and Truttier, fleeing the terror imposed by the criminal organization "Kraze Baryè" led by Vitelhomme Innocent. Arriving at the site on the afternoon of Monday, July 24, these displaced people spent their first night under the open sky.

It is barely 7 a.m. on Tuesday, July 25. In this improvised camp in front of the American embassy, some are already awa


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