"Haiti and the Restoration of Dominican Independence" at "Livres en folie"

Haitian-Dominican relations have been and continue to be a topic of great interest and discussion. It is rightly so that the Collection Pages retrouvés by C3 Éditions, with an introduction by Michel Soukar, makes available to the public the reissue of this significant collective work focusing on Haitian-Dominican relations.

Elien Pierre
Par Elien Pierre
24 May 2023 | Lecture : 2 min.

"Haiti and the Restoration of Dominican Independence" is a collective work that is little known or completely unknown to the general public. It consists of four texts, with the main texts authored by Pierre-Eugène de Lespinasse, Jean Price Mars, and Agustin Ferrer Gutiérrez, a Dominican historian.

In its presentation, historian Michel Soukar attempts to recall what happened between Haiti and the eastern part of the island, which later became the Dominican Republic. In this text, the historian reflects on the


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