EDH Implements a Novel Tariff Framework

A new tariff structure is in the process of being implemented by the EDH to bill subscribers of this public service company. The last tariff revision by EDH dates back to April 2009, during Mr. Serge Raphaël's administration. Le Nouvelliste reached out to the institution's officials for further information on the matter.

Le Nouvelliste
Par Le Nouvelliste
31 Aug 2023 | Lecture : 4 min.

Modifications are underway at the EDH regarding the electricity tariff. These new measures involve an upward reassessment of the average prices per kilowatt-hour. The new tariff structure includes upward adjustments based on consumption and user type (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.).

"The objective of this measure is to ensure greater fairness in cost distribution and promote more efficient electricity use by customers," assured Yves Larrieux, the EDH Commercial Director, in an interview with Le Nouvelliste.


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