King Posse's hit song "Abandone" made into a movie, premiering this Saturday at Karibe

Do you remember "Abandone", the popular song by the legendary group King Posse? The story has now been adapted for the cinema, to the delight of fans and film enthusiasts. It features youth, sexuality and adventure, and much more. The grand premiere of this film, directed by Hans Roc, will take place at the Karibe hotel on Saturday, July 22.

Par Mikenton Jean
Par Mikenton Jean
20 July 2023 | Lecture : 2 min

"The story of the film Abandone is taken from the music of King Posse, which itself was inspired by a true story", says director and former King Posse maestro Hans Roc. The film, he continues, "is about two university students, Carel and Amandine, of different social classes, meeting and falling madly in love with each other. However, along the way, their relationship comes up against an obstacle: one wants to engage in protected sexual activity, while the other doesn't see things the same way. The film is about young peop


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