Simplified Haitian Civil Law by Pierre Ézéchiel Vaval

Ignorance in all areas can sometimes cause irreversible harm. A knowledgeable person is worth two. The everyday private relationships among individuals in a human community are governed by civil law: rent, marriage, adoption, in short, a whole host of acts and events fall within this field. However, the layperson may risk getting lost in the intricacies of technical terms. Recognizing this reality, experienced magistrate Pierre Ézéchiel Vaval has contributed to a better understanding of Haitian civil law.

Emmanuel Jeannite
Par Emmanuel Jeannite
25 May 2023 | Lecture : 2 min.

A whole set of laws and texts, notably including the Haitian Civil Code and international conventions ratified by Haiti, constitutes Haitian civil law. Birth, marriage, death, land surveying, and other civil acts or events are addressed within it. Pierre E. Vaval, a career magistrate and judge at the Court of Appeals in Les Cayes, with a strong academic background and an outstanding professional career, has produced a valuable and practical work: "A Better Understanding of Haitian Civil Law." This is the ideal opportunity for laype


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