Naïka Unveiled: A Conversation with a Rising Young Artist

In 2018, Ticket stumbled upon Naïka, initially captivated by her rendition of Charles Aznavour's timeless classic, "Hier encore." Notably, her rendition of "Papa Gede," originally by Lumane Casimir and composed by Carole Demesmin and Jean Claude Martineau, showcased her remarkable talent on YouTube. Fast-forward to 2020, where her single "Water" secured a coveted spot on the official FIFA 21 soundtrack, standing alongside the works of hundreds of artists representing 23 diverse countries. Transitioning into 2021, her track "Sauce," another jewel from her repertoire, found its place within an Apple advertisement highlighting the iPhone 12. With each step carefully taken, the Berklee School of Music graduate is making her way to the top.

Le Nouvelliste
Le Nouvelliste
01 September 2023 | Lecture : 7 min

After a series of successful covers, Naïka Richard started to offer original compositions. Songs like "M&M's for Breakfast," "Sauce," and "Ma chérie" confirmed the singer's talent as a songwriter. Ticket had the opportunity to discuss with this young artist, who recently signed a music transfer and publishing agreement with DJ Michael Brun as part of the joint venture he launched with Sony Music Publishing, the world's leading music publisher.

It is not surprising that Na&iu


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