"As a Witness" by Réginald Delva

These accounts are reminiscent of a thriller, but in this case, reality surpasses fiction. The survivors and witnesses of these two tragedies have an obligation to preserve the memory of the victims.

Jean-Claude Boyer
Par Jean-Claude Boyer
26 May 2023 | Lecture : 6 min.

When you open an autobiography, you embark on a journey of discovery: the author's experience. You know your own experience, and you ask yourself: Are there any points of connection, any resemblances? In truth, no experience is the same as another. However, in this act of sharing, you recognize yourself. You think that you could have been in the author's place. So, why not take advantage of it?

That's what I did when I flipped through "À titre de témoin" by Réginald Delva. It's not str


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